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From the beginning, again

I’ve been a slacker lately and I suspect it has something to do with my frustration.  Every time I think I’m getting this writing thing down, I figure out how much more I need to learn. 

So, I’m starting a new story, and I had a few chapter written, and I let someone who is published and a terrific writer, read it.  She shredded it… and rightfully so.  I’m still skimming the surface with the emotions, I’m not answering the right questions, not giving the reader a reason to care and still telling when I should be showing.  GRRRRRR

After much discussion with my awesome CP (she may be having similar issues), I am going back to the beginning and working on my craft.  I realize this requires a lot of writing as well as reading and studying, but the writing doesn’t have to be what I hope to publish.  Probably better if it isn’t, so I can just worry about the craft and nothing else.  Currently, I’m working on the emotional depth – in me and my characters.  If I can’t get there in myself, how am I supposed to be able to do it for a character?  And while self-exploration is up there with chinese water-torture, it is necessary to my writing, so I’ll do it. 

I told someone the other day, nothing is more important to me than my writing and I meant it.  There’s a quote I have on a post-it on my desk (can’t remember who said it), but I’ll paraphrase: Remember, they said it would be hard.  This is what hard looks like, but you can do it. 

Stay the course on whatever your endeavors are, fight mediocrity, do what it takes and succeed.  I can do this.  So can you.

I’ll go through this with ya’ll.   And hopefully we’ll both figure out some stuff.  Next post on what I’m doing exactly.

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