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Writing and Romance, Part Three OR How I Got Back to Writing

So, while I will still stand by my view in my last blog (we’ll call it Part 2) and the one from earlier that shall now be referred to as Part 1, I will amend that having real romance in your life is a big freakin’ perk!

It is.  I guess it had been so long since I had any romance in my life that I forgot how yummy and wonderful it is and how it can make you feel… Silly me.

Recently, my writing was in a slump.  My imaginary friends were giving me the silent treatment.  Not a word… almost like when I was married.  I was a little overwhelmed and confused about a few things.  Then several things happened within a short time span.

First, I was reading a lot of articles about changes in the industry and started rethinking my writing goals.  Second, I read an article by Diana Gabaldon where she said (and I paraphrase) that you should write like no one will ever see it.  That makes sense because then you’re free to let your story be what it is without boxing it in from the get-go and you can be fearless with honest emotion.  Third, I had a conversation with my CP (who’s also one of my best friends) about what was going on and she always, ALWAYS, helps me find clarity in my life and in my writing.

And finally, I met a wonderful man who brings much to my life.  A man that sends me texts.  Nothing earth shattering – just that he is thinking of me.  That is romance, my friends.

When the thought of someone brings a smile to your face – that’s romance.  When you can’t wait to talk about nothing – that’s romance.  Size, shape, age, color, and gender have nothing to do with it. Connection is all that counts.  And, it is a revelation.

The culmination of these events has wrought a change in me and I am a happier, better and more productive writer due to it.

While imagination is good, and getting that feeling vicariously is better, I will now say that the real thing is best.

2012 is going to be a great year… and it is starting off write!


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I Still Need Romance

A month ago, I wrote that you didn’t need sex in your personal life to write romance and that sex and romance are not the same.  I still stand by that post.  I may not need sex to write romance, but I have found that I do need inspiration or a certain mood.  Recently, I discovered a direct correlation between my writing and my mood.  Seems obvious – right?

“French Kiss”

Not always.  I’ve been watching a lot of TV dramas and fantasy movies.  I’ve been reading a lot of books on writing itself and non-romance fiction.  Guess what?  I haven’t been able to connect to my romance writing.  I need to watch and read romance to feel inspired to write it.  Perhaps if I had real romance in my life that would do it too, but alas.  So, I’m happy to settle for fictional romance to generate that passion.

Remember the movie French Kiss with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline?  I love that movie.  There’s a scene where he is trying to search her purse while she is asleep and she is dreaming and kisses him and he kisses her back and that is the moment that changes everything for him.  I love that scene.  This is one of the scenes I can watch and find that romantic spark.  I may have mentioned this before 🙂

Tim Daly in “The Outsider”

Another scene that totally gets me there is from a movie called The Outsider based on a book of the same name by Penelope Williamson.  In the movie, it’s when Tim Daly’s character kisses Naomi Watts’ character for the first time.  Wowsa – I never tire of watching that.  He trails his fingers down the string of her bonnet … mmm.  Anyway, the scene in the movie really gets me and when I need to write that kind of passion, I can watch that scene and get that feeling nailed. 

As a sidebar – when I read the novel, which was really good, because I wanted to see how that scene was written, I was disappointed to not find it in the book (or at least not in the same capacity).  I know, I know – movies and books are different beasts and I do not judge them the same.  I was just hoping that I could see how Ms. Williamson wrote that amazing kiss.  I still have the movie to rely on.

“Rough Canvas”

There’s a book (actually lots of books) I can get that yummy ootz in the stomach from too.  Joey W Hill wrote an amazing story (it’s my favorite erotic romance) called Rough Canvas about an artist and the art dealer.  I can read almost any piece from this book and find the heat needed to write. 

The point is while I may not need a man or sex to write romance I still need romance – even if it is fictional.  It helps me focus on the emotion I need to tap into.  It sets my mood and creates my mental ambience. 

What helps you?


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