So, what to put here about me?  This is more my writer’s blog, I think, so let’s start there.  I’m a writer.  Why?  1) Because I write.  2) Because I love to writer 3) Because I’d like to get paid to write.

I’ve been writing my whole life, but it’s only been a few years now where I’ve taken it seriously and worked at it.   It’s hard work, my friends.  A lot harder than I ever imagined, and yet I can’t fathom not doing it.  So, here I am taking this journey… and I guess you’re along for the ride 🙂

Me, personally?  I love my family, my dogs, and my friends.  I’m a fiend for movies, books, tv shows, and traveling.  I love to eat, but I’m a really picky eater.  I want to like exercising, but haven’t quite got there.  I like Happy Bunny, Monty Python, Spongebob Square Pants, The Scream, Ayn Rand, and Mt. Dew: Live Wire. 

Perhaps more later, Clancy


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