My Life Is Getting In The Way of My Life

While I find great value in the things I do that are writing related, they do take away time from my actually writing.  I am Secretary for three different writing groups, I judge for writing contests, I critique and/or edit for friends, I am assisting with our local romance writers conference, and many other things.  So, while I am investing in my career through networking and leadership positions, it does take time away from when I could be writing.  It’s a sacrifice I find worthwhile.

 On the non-writing front, I have other huge commitments that take a considerable amount of time and effort, but that I also find hugely rewarding to me personally.

 Then there is my writing which is also a top priority commitment. 

 And, somewhere in there I have to find time for family, friends, business, romantic relationships (less so at the moment, I know), and relaxing Clancy-time (I’m a movie / TV show junkie so that’s a lot of time and it’s NFL Season).  All in all, my life is getting in the way of my life.

 All of you can relate I’m sure as everyone has to balance a variety of activities.  I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to over-extend myself and get worn out.  I’m a little worn out now, in fact. 

 That worn out feeling in not particularly conducive to my creative mojo.  Regardless, I have to find ways to balance these things, squish out enough hours in the day to do all I need to do, still sleep, and be creative whether I am feeling the mojo or not. 

The hope is that at some point, I’ll figure out how to not over-book my life, so I can have one too.  I made these choices and I’ll survive them.  Heck, I’ll thrive because I think I like the pressure, but I do think I could juggle a little better or choose a few less balls to throw in the air.  I’m trying to work smarter so I don’t have to work harder, but I’m not sure I’m succeeding.  If you’re handling it all better than me, please share?


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8 responses to “My Life Is Getting In The Way of My Life

  1. I love the title of your post.

  2. Wow, you are busy, aren’t you? Well I’m not sure I’m handling things any better than you, but I am learning my limits, and trying (even succeeding as of late) to respect them. For me, family comes first (mother of four, here) and everything else has to take a number. Writing though, is definitely in the top five. 🙂

    • I’m lucky my kids are all grown so that is something I can to worry less about. I commend you being able to write while being a mom of four. I think I may have unconsciously waited until they were grown up so I didn’t have that pressure.

  3. Great post, my friend,
    Now if you can stop adding things to your life, you’ll leave time to decide what comes first, and mean it. At some point things may need to fall by the side for the more vital. I know you’ll carve away until you create a masterpiece.

  4. Debbie Brunson

    🙂 I think that what you have going for you is that you are mostly surrounded by writing life activities. I will get there. You all are my inspiration as I fight my way out of this morass of mundane necessity I am mentally and physically enmeshed in. Hope the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a train!

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