A tumultuous July come and gone. And I… must… write….

So, I won’t bore you with my medical issues or depression that overtook July and somehow put it in a time warp because I am shocked by how fast, and yet incredibly slow, July passed. 

The writing that was making such great strides came to a shuttering halt and has not really picked up yet.  But today I have hope.  I’ve made some changes in my life, both physically and mentally so that I am in a much better place.  Can I just say exercise is hard, I’m not a fan, I’m doing it anyway, but boxing is fun.  

I can only think I am taking my story in a wrong direction or I’m in the wrong POV currently because otherwise, the writing would be happening.  So, I’m going to try changing the POV and see if that helps.  If not, I’ll have to reassess the story line.  There should be no excuse for why I cannot finish this short story.  It’s a SHORT story.  I know they can be harder to do well – but even getting a rough draft done would be a huge accomplishment at this point. 

I have noticed that I use my email and the internet as excuses to not write.  I think I should schedule time for that and only indulge in it at those times.  If I was being smart, it would not be first thing in the morning since I am most productive then.  And yet somehow, it’s the first thing I do and then hours pass and I’ve done nothing.   This is my job.  My only damn job and I would fire me if I was my boss.  So, I need to pull my head out, go to work and make ny boss proud.  I am an over-achieving competitive person by nature, so I need to use that to my benefit instead of indulging my lazy, apathetic side. 

Keep me on my toes, my friends.  Dog me if I’m not working.  Challenge me.  And I’ll challenge myself as well.  If you need the favor returned – let me know.  Thanks



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4 responses to “A tumultuous July come and gone. And I… must… write….

  1. Don’t worry about it. July sucks for writers. All of them. Every year.
    (Just the writing part though. The conferences are all that of course.)

  2. Lesli – I adore you. And you are so right….thanks

  3. Write down your schedule for one day, starting with “waking up” and break into 15 minute segments until bed. Amazing where time gets wasted and where you can add in writing. Even if only 15 minutes, make it count. Don’t let your fingers lift off the keyboard until your 15 minutes are over. Taking a class on this & I was thrown at how much time I wasted. Tried a timer on Saturday and got a ton done knowing the “ding” was pending. Have you thought about writing in alternating POVs? Don’t give up!

  4. Excellent post! One of your best. Real.
    You’re writing. This is proof. I think you’re right about direction or what have you. We’ll talk.

    Love you brave and talented girl.

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