And on we go…

So, after the crushing blow to my writing and ego – which I’m glad to say I got over pretty quick – I am back to the writing and the new stuff has passed muster.  Published friend was amazed at the improvement and so we soldier on. 

I will say, it has been interesting to see the changes in my writing and in myself as I take this journey.  Both, me and my writing, are more open, more expressive, more emotionally honest and more vulnerable.  All good things to the new and improved us.

It’s possible, writer friends.  Not easy, but possible  🙂


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2 responses to “And on we go…

  1. Yeah! You’re back and it sounds like you’re stronger than ever, personally and professionally. Can’t give up. Come too far. The top is closer than the bottom now.

  2. Great comments and so very true. Honesty takes a good deal of courage and self knowledge. Applause to you, good friend.

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