Emotions and Writing

I think we can all agree that emotions are key to good genre fiction (I’ll not comment on other types of writing as they are outside my purview).  In genre fiction, if we don’t have our character’s emotions shaking their fists in our faces so our hearts can pound right along with theirs, we will be bored as readers. 

What raised this topic?  I was reading a blog about permeating our writing with emotion (a very good post on it too) and the author gave links to where you could garner info about emotions in general (very helpful links – thanks).  So, being the anal-retentive-info-hoarder I am, I stuffed all the info from these four links, plus notes from the blog post into one document I could save, print, and keep handy.  As I was reading this newly created document of mine on emotions, however, I found my eyes blurring, my lids heavy and my head bobbing.  Sterile definitions of emotions are not as interesting as feeling them (hmmm…. the difference between telling vs showing?).  I had to put my computer down, grab a blanket and roll over on the couch for a nap. 

But, as I often cannot fall asleep without a good book in hand, I picked up my copy of “Save the Cat” by Blake Snyder and started reading that.  Guess what?  He’s funny and interesting and my eyes perked up and I read an entire chapter.  Then I had to sit up, grab my computer and start working (I consider this work).  I have ideas buzzing through my head that need written before they disappear.  Don’t kid yourself – ideas are fleet-footed little suckers and will disappear as fast as they appeared if not wrestled onto the page without dispatch. 

One of said fleet-footed ideas… this post.  Write with passion, dear friends.  Write from a place of feeling.  Make me as the reader, take that journey with you, and I will endeavor to do the same in return.

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  1. Sheereen

    Thanks for sharing this on the loop, Clancy. I enjoyed it.

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